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MicroWand™ Handset

MicroWand™ Handset

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Ditch the complex, expensive skin care products and procedures with our LED Micro-current Massager. The MicroWand™ is a miracle cure, leaving your face looking flawless without burning a gigantic hole in your wallet. 

Helps sculpt, tighten, lift cheeks & jawline
Reverses wrinkles and diminishes fine lines
Targets scarring, small bumps, and blackheads 
Improves dark spots/circles and redness
Completely painless & non-toxic 
Glow Facial Massager - Red Light Therapy Facial Sculpting & Facial Contouring Device

Skincare is a complex issue. The MicroWand™ makes it easy with an all-in-one device targeting all aspects of skincare. We even guarantee you better skin within the first 30 days of using it! 
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