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The Topaz Tales Membership

The Topaz Tales Membership

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By placing an order, you agree to the full terms and conditions and privacy policy as well as enrollment into our monthly auto-bill VIP Membership where you will be billed $29.98 per month.

Your membership will begin upon receipt of VIP Membership. Your credit card will then be automatically charged the full membership price of $29.98 and you will be given full access to VIP Membership as described on the website unless you take action to cancel your membership. 

Within 5 days, you will receive an email requiring your response to activate the monthly membership program. If you are happy with VIP Membership, you are required to consent to the monthly auto-ship program in order to receive full access to the VIP Membership.

You will be charged $29.98 for each recurring monthly payment giving you access to VIP Membership until you cancel.

If our product is not right for you, simply call or contact us via email at to cancel your membership. Your credit card will be billed as "Topaz Tales" on your statement.

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